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Wine is one of the best things to have happened to mankind and nowadays, wine making in nothing less than an art in countries like France, Spain, Italy and U.S, who also happen to be the largest wine producers in the world. So, if you like attending wine testing events to give your palate a distinct and royal taste from the varieties of wines available then let’s explore the top five countries all around the world that have mastered finesse in wines and are popular for their refined wines all over the globe.


Italy is famous for a lot of things and this includes wine too! The famed Chianti wine comes from Tuscany, Italy where it is made from a conventional method of crushing grapes with feet and wine is put into underground cellars made from rocks. Tuscany also lets out many wine tours for wine lovers and you can sometime plan a short visit to the grape vines there and immerse yourself in this quaint wine paradise.


The French destination Bordeaux is the one to explore for wine tasting and touring. Table wines from Bordeaux are really famous and the town itself is replete with Gothic church structures and tripping to chateaus is the way to experience wine ecstasy. It is one of the best places that produce finest wines from France to making it an ideal compliment to your family meals and parties!


Spain’s Catalonia and Barcelona are the regions that produce amazing white wines and sparkling cava. Barcelona is actually Catalonia’s capital and is blessed with a wonderful combination of modern and ancient aura. Garnacha and Tempranillo grapes found here are dominating ingredients in red wine while Macabeo and Parellada are used in white wine. Hence, both red wine and white wine are finely created in these two Spanish regions and if you are ever looking to witness the whole making process, plan a wine tour to Catalonia and Barcelona for sure.

United States

When looking for the best wine places in United States, Finger Lakes is surely the perfect one to begin with. It is the largest wine making destination and is located in New York. Around 100+ wineries are situated in Finger Lakes and offer a range of varieties from Chardonnay to Vidal Blank. For wine touring, start with New York Wine & Culinary Center and then explore the special wine trails of Cayuga and Seneca. There are also farmhouses located at this upstate side of New York and a whole trail of wineries are just waiting to be found around this splendid region. The relishing wine tasting and a quaintly backdrop will surely make your trip worth remembering!


Making its entry in the list of largest wine producers, Argentina has emerged as one of the superior wine making countries in the last decade. The popular of all are the incredible Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Mendoza is the wine destination to go for in Argentina and is well-known for wineries offering sample tasting tours. But pre-booking is inherently important if you are tripping to Mendoza and you can also visit the Vines of Mendoza for a brief introduction to the wine locations that can be found here.

Therefore, these stunning regions from all around the world have made our ideas of finest wines as truly possible. These are the places to add in your bucket list especially for wine connoisseurs and if you are on a spree to taste the best wines in the world.

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Last Modified: August 8, 2017