Feteasca Alba Jidvei Sec – The Wine Of The Week


feteasca alba jidvei sec wineFor The Avid Wine Explorers

The Feteasca Alba wine is ideal to be enjoyed at any occasion, especially with friends and family at home or in the city with barbecue food and picnic. This wine is full-bodied, fresh and has aromatic characters.

Feteasca Alba Grape
This is an ancient Romanian grape with more than 2000 years of history. The Feteasca Alba (White Maiden in English) is grown especially in Banat, Moldova and Transilvania. The wines are either dry or semi-dry, with a balanced alcohol content (11.5-12%), good acidity, and feature a velvety, natural finesse. It is the most popular Romanian grape variety, over 23000 hectares of land being cultivated with it.

Jidvei is the most famous Romanian producer of premium dry and medium dry white wines. Based in the heart of Transylvania, Jidvei’s vineyards spread on more than 2500 hectares alongside the Tarnave River, which gives its wines their Denomination of Controlled Origin. Situated at an altitude between 300 and 500 meters above sea level, most of the plantations have a Southern exposition, thus the sun rays and chalky soil, make up the perfect conditions for vine-growing.

Area Of Production: Romania, D.O.C Tarnave
In the heart of Transylvania, at Jidvei, there is an ancient castle, built between 1570 and 1580, that became the symbol of some of the best Romanian D.O.C (Denomination of Controlled Origin) white wines.

Shelf price: $12.99 + tax (price may vary) – Now on sale for $10.49 until Sept 5th.  – BC#410845  &  Available at BC Gov’t liquor stores.

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