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gran passione rosso veneto italyGran Passione Rosso – Veneto – Italy

Now comes Gran Passione Rosso. Not an Amarone. Not a Valpolicella, a simple IGT wine as opposed to being classified DOCG or DOC. The blend of 60% Merlot, 40% Corvina is made by the time-honored tradition of drying grapes before fermentation, the appassimento technique, the same way Amarone is produced.  This wine is full-bodied, displaying rich red & black fruits on a good finish. Ideal for roasted and grilled meats, other heartier fare and mature hard cheeses. I did not need food to enjoy my glass of Gran Passione Rosso. Guaranteed pleasure!

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Shelf Price: $17.99 to $20.99 + tax

Available at Everything Wine, right now out of stock at Marquis Wine Cellars. Best price at Liquor Plus on Vancouver Island.