Kir – Wine Cocktail

kir wine cocktail by the wine detectiveKir is a stylish French cocktail from Burgundy. This apéritif was named after Canon Kir, once mayor of Dijon, a town that produces crème de cassis from local blackcurrants.  Sauvignon Blanc wine is also suitable. Recipe: Pour the wine (5 oz)  and cassis (1/2 oz) into a wine glass. Stir briefly. Garnish with a lemon twist.


Jaffelin Aligoté

Aligoté is considered as the poor man Chardonnay. The Jaffelin is dry, light and fruity that displays a simple and medium nose. On the palate, its lively acidity and slender texture precede a short finish. Sauvignon Blanc wine can be a good alternative for this cocktail.

Jaffelin Bourgogne Aligoté is available at EverythingWine stores.

L’Heritier Guyot crème de cassis is available at most BC gov’t liquor stores.