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Wine is a litigious business. Most effort, and most money is spent on protecting a name. In 2001 Moët & Chandon sued Channon wines of Queensland, Australia, for ‘passing off’. The French won, but the outcome was a PR and sales triumph for the tiny winery. They renamed their wines as Robert Channon Wines and achieved the best sales they had ever had. The producers of Champagne, as individual house and via their trade body CIVC (comite Interprofessional du Vin de Champagne) are among the most litigious.

J Bollinger v Costa Brava Wine Co. Ltd.

Popularly known as the Spanish Champagne case, this particular case saw an action being brought by twelve biggest Champagne manufacturers of France, on behalf of every champagne manufacturer in their country, seeking injunctions on use of the word “champagne” while describing Spanish wine, and passing it off as Champagne. An injunction was granted.

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Last Modified: December 29, 2015