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naoussa boutari red wineNaoussa Boutari Wine – Macedonia, Greece


History Of Region

Naousa (or Náoussa) is a town in the hills of Macedonia, northern Greece. In 1971 it became Greece’s very first wine region to be given its own official appellation title, and served as a model for the Greek appellation system.During the 19th Century, Naousa wine was found in well-to-do households across Europe as local producers were able to get around the high taxes and bans on winemaking imposed in much of mainland Greece by the ruling Ottomans. However, an outbreak of phylloxera in the early 20th Century led to many of Naousa’s vineyards being ripped out. In the 1960s, vines were replanted with phylloxera-resistant rootstocks, and more-modern viticulture and winemaking techniques saw a resurgence of Naousa wines. The arrival of the Naoussa appellation (a PDO) in 1971 precipitated significant improvements in both viticulture and winemaking.

The grape

Xynomavro is a dark-skinned grape variety widely planted in northern Greece and, to a lesser extent, the Macedonian Republic.The variety is highly regarded in its native Greece as the finest red wine the country has to offer. With its characteristically high tannin and acidity, Xynomavro is structurally one of the biggest red wines in the Mediterranean, and indeed Europe.

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Tasting Notes

The Boutari wine is a good entry level to Naoussa wine style. It offers rich aromas. Medium to full-bodied with ripe red fruit, spices and soft tannins in the finish. Pair with barbecue, ripe yellow cheeses, sausages, smoked cold cuts, pasta with spicy red sauce.

Shelf price $17.49 ($2off at BCLDB until Nov 26). Available at selected private stores.