The Health Benefits Of Red Wine

the wine detectiveThere are lots of things that you can do, every day, that help lead to better health. Exercise is one; cutting out bad habits like smoking is another. Good food? Of course. But it also turns out that a moderate consumption of red wine provides health benefits, too.

Studies have shown that sips of red wine can do everything from lower cholesterol to controlling weight, improving longevity, and preventing colds. Of course, red wines differ in flavor and taste, from lighter Pinot Noir to medium-bodied Merlot and full-flavored Zinfandel. And those health benefits don’t apply for people that consume too much; moderate drinking is key. What does moderate mean? For women, it’s a single drink per day; for men, it’s two. Otherwise the health benefits are negated and that consumption may lead to heart disease and fertility issues, among others. Use the graphic to learn more about what red wine can do for you.


Guest post by Laura Schwecherl at Health Perch, and graphics by Ghergich & Co.

We won’t go so far to suggest knocking back beer and nachos is a great health habit—but we can show you some science behind the health benefits of drinking wine—in moderation, of course.  In 2014, Americans consumed 893 million gallons of wine; that’s about 2.8 gallons per person. (One bottle of wine is one-fifth of a gallon.) From heart health to cancer prevention and even weight control, there a number of studies that support the habit of a glass a day to keep the doctor away. Ready to dive deeper into these studies? Want the answers to questions like, “Is wine really better than exercise?” We‘ve got the low down on the science, plus the best way to drink wine to reap all of its tasty benefits.

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Last Modified: July 26, 2016