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Hear Your Favourite Snack Foods

Are you looking for a fun and original party activity? Hear your favourite snack foods!
This eating and hearing food idea is from the – ‘TASTE’ , What You’re Missing’ – book by Barb Stuckey. She is a food developer and the book is about the nuances of flavours, working of the senses, and how to taste food. She provides eye-opening experiments in which you can discover your unique “ taster type”. She has many tasting exercises for her readers, and I picked one that would be particularly fun to do (also inexpensive) at a party.


1 person to be the eater (you), plus as many guessers as you’d like, but this work best with a small group of 1 to 5.
A handful of tortilla chips
A handful of pretzels
An apple
A celery stalk
A carrot
Any other loud foods you can assemble
A plate and an opaque cloth to cover the food
Paper and pencils


1. Prepare your samples before the guesses arrive. Put them on a plate and cover with a cloth so the guesses can’t see them.
2. Tell the guesses you’re going to eat several foods while they keep their eyes closed. Their objective is to try to identify the foods by their signature sound.
3. Have the guesses closed their eyes and keep them closed until you say it’s okay to open them. (of course, no cheating).
4. Eat each food as loudly as you can. Announce the sample as “the first food’, “the second food”, etc.
5. When you are done, have the guessers open their eyes and write down the foods they thought they heard.


1. How many did each person get right?
2. What did you notice about the sounds?
3. Do you think you could do this with softer foods, like a pear or a cookie?

With this exercise, the author wants us to learn to take sensory pleasure from the sound of food, similar to the way we revel in the aroma or appearance of a dish. I think, it is an interesting concept. Get the party atmosphere going by giving out a price to the winner.

Happy munching sound effects!