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The Wine Almanac – January

Moonset1January – In the Vineyard

The coming of the new year in the vineyards is not really a turning point for the winegrower because the ‘wine year’ rather begins with the vintage and the making of the new wine with all the excitement and agitation of creation during September, October, and November. Around Christmas came the time to start pruning the vines and this hard labour continues into  the chilly month of February.

It is in January that the sampling of a full-bodied red or white wine may commence and the winemaker will invite friends and businesses to assess the young wines as they develop in the barrel, vat or giant steel tank. So the month of January sees the start of activities in the cellar, and the making of plans for the new wine. Some will be sold in the year to come, like the white and rosé styles, the rest will be laid down in barrel or bottle for a period of ageing which may be months or years. Some wines are ready for bottling and labelling, and the cold weather is an ideal time for such activities.

In various districts of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne as well as the Loire Valley there are special fêtes and festivals in honour of the new wine. Other countries may have fewer formal celebrations, but the new wine does not go unrecognized. In Austria the small wine bars called heurigen are the focal point for sampling the fresh green-tasting young wine direct from the cask, and of course winemakers everywhere enjoy any opportunity to show their wines to visitors. Plan your next trip to Europe around one of these wine festivals. Visit BurgundyEnFete.