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Wamakersvallei offers the Bain’s Way range of single-varietal wines, both red and white, produced as a tribute to Andrew Bain. Mr. Bain is immortalized in Wellington especially as the creator of ‘The Gateway to the North’ through Bainskloof Pass, the very slopes of which nurture the vineyards from which Bain’s Way wines are produced. The Bain’s Way range consists of fruit-driven wines – well rounded and distinctly South African – at unmatched value for money. The grapes were picked at optimum maturity and fermented dry on the skins at 28°C. Thereafter the free run portion was placed on staves for 6 months. Bright strawberry on the nose laced with banana. Complex ripe fruit flavours with a prominent coffee mocha undertone. Extends to the palate where smooth tannins ensure a rich mouthfeel.


Pinotage is a red wine grape that is almost exclusive to South Africa, although many South Africans shun the variety because of its polarizing, “un-European” flavor profile and the care it requires both in the vineyard and the winery. Created in Stellenbosch in 1925, Pinotage is a crossing of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut. The “Pinot” half of the name was given priority because of the prestige associated with Burgundy’s great red grape. The “-age” suffix was taken from the end of Hermitage, one of several local names for Cinsaut; its position at the back end of the crossing’s name reflects Cinsaut’s lowly status compared to Pinot Noir.

PRICE: Shelf price $25.00 – Price may vary at private wine stores.

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